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Tratas Megah Lestari

About Tratas Megah Lestari

PT. Tratas Megah Lestari has become the official partner for Summitech Professional gloves to expand and market its safety gloves in Indonesia. In 2018, Summirubber Malaysia Sdn. Bhd is collaborating with PT. Tratas Megah Lestari (PT. TML) in Indonesia to expand its market through out Indonesia market. By collaborating together, PT. Tratas Megah Lestari is becoming the official partner with Summitech Professional to develop, market and promote Summitech gloves to all Indonesia Market. PT. TML management has experience in safety equipment products across various industry such as Oil & Gas, Chemical, Manufacturing, and other related industries. While promoting and educating safety equipment standard through all Indonesia market, PT. TML is ensuring to Delivering high quality product at its best market value.


PT. Tratas Megah Lestari has adopted progressive accountability guidelines as a fair and consistent system for assessing the actions of individuals.

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